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There are various grades of diamonds depending on the color of it.  But most people may not know this about diamonds and are not sure how to spot a good one, or the best one out of many they are looking at buying.  But with learning a bit more about diamonds from Brilliant Earth you will learn that the colorless diamond is the one that is said to be the highest in quality.  The fact of the matter, when picking out diamonds, it will be quite difficult for one to pick out the best color of a diamond unless they have the right equipment and knowledge to do so.  The best way would be to hold the two diamonds under a light and place them on a white background.  When you look at both of them you should be able to notice any subtle differences in the color at this point.

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If you are on the market for a diamond there are just some things that you need to know before you pay the money for it.  One thing you should be aware of is the differences in prices that you can find at dealers due to the color of your diamond.  The biggest jump that you will see will come from a color grade G diamond to that of grade H.  Though they are both fairly colorless there is enough of a difference that can be noted by experts to make it a lot different when you buy them.  When you go shopping for a diamond these are all things that you should be aware of before you put any cash out.  Look to Brilliant Earth to find out more about looking at diamonds and finding the best choice.

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When you go shopping for a diamond you may be a bit nervous.  Not only because it is a big step, but diamonds an expensive item to purchase.  Before you go out to buy your new wife or girlfriend a ring though look to Brilliant Earth to make sure you know what you are doing.  So when you are picking out your present be sure you keep in mind the four Cs of buying a diamond.  They are carat, color, cut and clarity.  Each option will make a big difference not only for the cost of the diamond that you plan to buy, but also the quality of the item.  Judging a diamond by these four things can help you determine just if the product is worth the money they will charge you for it.  For each diamond that you look at you should ask to view the certificate one the diamond.

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First off when you think of carat of a diamond you are thinking of the weight.  This can be something that is very important when determining the value of a diamond you plan to purchase.  The word carat actually came from the use of the carob tree seeds to weight diamonds in the past.  This was due to them being one consistent weight, thus the diamond was able to be measured correctly.  Of course they no longer use the seeds; the measurements were more formalized back in 1907 by the weights and measure conference.  The size of one carat when talked about from the diamond point of view now means 200 milligrams.  This is a standard weight that is used by everyone around the world to keep the worth of diamonds equal everywhere.  So next time you are wondering what the carat of a diamond really means you will know.

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How much of a difference does the carat weight of a diamond make when it comes to the value of the item.  Along with the other items of clarity, color and cut it will make a huge difference.  You can never tell the weight of a diamond by just looking at it, so you should have it measured before you buy any diamond.  Keep in mind though that carat is not the only thing that should convince you whether the diamond you are buying is the best one available.    For the best choice you should pick a diamond that not only offers you a decent carat size, but a cut that also appears to be nice when you look at it.  There are several shapes that a diamond can be cut into, but they will not always look good with the carat size.  To find out more tips visit Brilliant Earth and learn more about the right carat size and more.

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When you are considering buying a diamond there is more than one step in the overall process.  Picking the right diamond out is more about finding a good one, not always about what you think looks good.  Most people will tell you that when trying to find the best diamond you have to look at four main things, clarity, color, carat and cut.  For Brilliant Earth they will tell you that the most important thing to picking out the best diamond is indeed the cut, and how it looks when you view it by naked eye.  You are looking to find a cut grade that is at least very good, as well as giving you a nice sparkle when you look at it.  While several places that you may purchase or look to purchase from will tell you that Triple zero or triple excellent are the best cut grades, this is not always the case.  Some people feel that they are getting just as nice of a diamond with a very good grading, and they are right.

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As you think of buying that special diamond ring for your girl, you may need to learn a bit more in order to pick out the best one.  By visiting Brilliant Earth you will be able to learn more about the things that you really need to look for when choosing the right diamond.  While you have four main things that will come into play, including clarity, carat, color and cut, you still need to know more about each step.  For cut you are looking at how much light is going to be reflected off the diamond due to the shape.  Since there are many choices of how a diamond is cut there could be a bit of personal preference when it comes to picking out a general cut.  However, you should still view the diamond certificate even after you have view it with the naked eye.  This way you can choose one that is really the best that the company you are buying from is offering.

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As you look at diamond rings you may notice that not all of them look the same.  This is true but there are many factors that can lead to the diamond looking different from another one.  One of those things that can cause it to look different is the clarity of the diamond.  Basically when considering the clarity, according to Brilliant Earth, you are looking at how clean the diamond is.  When you see it in natural light as well as under the light, do you notice any chips in it, or even clouds?  The more marks that you see in the diamond the less clean it is considered.  Though you can find ones that are considered flawless, it may be more expensive to buy, as well as harder to find.  Just because you do not buy a perfectly clean diamond does not mean you are not getting a good deal.

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If you are on the market for a diamond there is one spot that can help lead you to the right choice that is Brilliant Earth.  With easy to understand explanations of the things that are most important when choosing a diamond, you will find this page is one that will help you out a lot.  For clarity they will normally base it on looking through a magnifying glass at ten times the power compared to the naked eye.  At this power you will be able to see little imperfections better than had you looked at it just normally.  The more of those marks that you find in the diamond you will see a drop in the cost of the item.  The range can be anywhere from $12,000 dollars for a VVS or very very slightly occluded rating, as compared to $6,000 for a lesser quality diamond.

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Just because it seems that diamond clarity is one of the most important things when picking out a ring or other jewelry you can turn to Brilliant Earth to learn more about this.  There are several ratings of clarity that can be found, from the best rating of flawless, all the way down to I1, I2 or I3; those are diamonds that have many imperfections noted when looked through a magnifier.   Just because you cannot afford a higher rating on clarity rating of a diamond does not mean that you will be left with something that will not look good.  Many people will find that the lower the rating, the ring will still be just as pretty as one that has a higher rating.  If you are on the market to buy a diamond soon, look to this page and find more information out.